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Planning to go scuba diving off the coasts of California? Before settling on your next scuba diving spot, take some advice from the pros at Seas The Day Scuba who note the five best places to dive in California.

Southeast Farallon Island State Marine Reserve

DiverMake your way to the Farallon Islands, aka Farallones, one of the most famous spots for ecotourism in the world. Dive among sea stacks as you swim among this group of islands, located off the San Francisco coast. If you are a fan of whales, prepare yourself. The Farallon Islands boast a population of humpback, blue, gray and killer whales that congregate here every summer and fall. Experience the glory of basking sea lions as seabirds fly overhead.

Matlahuayl State Marine Reserve

Octopus_at_Kelly_Tarlton'sAt La Jolla Cove, divers can experience this reserve honoring the local Native American culture. Thanks to the preservation of this site, you can dive alongside lobsters, leopard sharks and octopi. Get set up for a scuba diving adventure among the magnificent sheltered kelp forest that is signature to Matlahuayl State Marine Reserve.

Wreck Alley

wreckSan Diego offers a one of a kind diving experience. At Wreck Alley you can dive among the Yukon, famed as California’s most well-known shipwreck. Dive to about 100’ to find a 366’ foot long Canadian Destroyer sitting port side. The vessel is completely intact and offers an array of undersea adventures. Plan for a weekend long excursion here at Wreck Alley in order to get a chance to explore the entire site. The Yukon is not sunken solo. Ruby E. is another great ship sunken in Wreck Alley. Measuring in at only 165’, this ship was a Coast Guard Cutter. Today it is wholly decorated in marine life and sea anemones. Seas The Day Scuba suggests to begin with Ruby E. if this is your first wreck dive.

Catalina Island

640px-Bright_orange_fish_Oregon_Coast_AquariumAt the nation’s first nonprofit park under the sea, the Avalon Underwater Dive Park is one of So Cal’s most popular dive sites. In addition to the famous flying fish that populate this area, the sea is brimming with brilliant orange Garibaldi. Scuba divers typically tour the shipwrecks and reefs of Avalon thanks to the crystal clear waters found here. Nearby, Lover’s Cove and Descanso Beach offer more diving locales. Contact Seas The Day Scuba for more information.

Veteran’s Park

Heterodontus_francisci_montereySituated on the shores of Los Angeles County is Veteran’s Park in Redondo Beach, one of three Beach Cities that include Hermosa and Manhattan beaches. Explore the waterways to spot all sorts of sea creatures ranging from octopi to sharks. The giant crab and California halibut frequent this area, while shark enthusiasts will fawn over the leopard and horn sharks often spotted here. Keep a look out for the elusive bat ray, while the calico bass and blackeye goby are certainly camera worthy. Interested in going night diving? Veteran’s Park is the place to be after hours in the sea.

Located conveniently in Orange County, Seas the Day Scuba provides a comprehensive PADI diving education program, trip planning, scuba diving gear, and equipment rentals.