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Staff Spotlight: Casey Connell


What initially drew you to diving?

At the age of 13, as a Boy Scout, my troop leader (ex Navy BUDS) offered scuba training to several scouts. This started my journey down the road. After college and time served, I found myself involved in Search and Recovery operations for county and state teams in Georgia. In 1996, I became a PADI instructor. In 2002, I stepped away from my corporate management lifestyle to pursue this incredible adventure.

What’s your favorite thing about owning your own dive shop?

I wish I could say things like being my own boss or being able to live the passion of this adventure. As much as those thoughts and feelings are there, my favorite thing is the people that have chosen to become a part of this. The teaching staff of Seas The Day Scuba are some of the best in Southern California. I have been fortunate to have helped them move forward as instructors but each are individually great instructors and professionals. I am honored every time I get to witness them teach.

What’s your favorite dive of all time?

My favorite dive was in March of 2004 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. It was the day after I graduated the PADI Course Director program. My dive buddy and I went to a small island just off the coast of the resort to do a few dives. We had 2 ‘ok’ dives off the boat and then had a lunch break on the beach of the island. After lunch, we had time for one short beach dive. We went in and found a small artificial reef, consisting of tires, a desk, old lobster traps. As I started exploring this site, it became apparent it was full of life. Banded corral shrimp, puffer fish, sea snake, lion fish. The life inside this tiny little reef was simply incredible. I have never forgotten this dive