Seas The Day Scuba Services

Dive Equipment Maintenance

Every diver knows to take care of their gear, but it can be more difficult than you think to clean and maintain scuba equipment. Trust the staff at Seas The Day to perform regular scuba equipment maintenance that can help you stay safe under the surface. Annual maintenance on any of your equipment can ensure its longevity.

Dive Equipment Repairs

There are some things that even regular dive equipment maintenance can’t prevent and that’s why we offer full-service dive equipment repairs from our shop in Orange County. Our staff is certified by most equipment manufacturers and can help you save money on new gear with our repairs. Whether your regulator is breathing rough or your buoyancy compensators aren’t keeping you afloat properly, we’re happy to help.

Scuba Tank Inspections

At our inspection center, we’ll make sure that everything is ship-shape before you hit the water. We perform the annual scuba tank inspection that ensures that your tank can be refilled. We also will remind you and help you when your tank needs to be hydrostatically tested (every 5 years). We’re also happy to check the rest of your gear if you’d like, as a second pair of eyes can catch things you’d normally miss.

Scuba Tank Refills

While the internet is full of videos of people performing do-it-yourself scuba tank refills, the minimal cost and safety of using Seas The Day’s service means that you know the job will be done properly in a safe environment. In addition to the standard air mix, we offer custom scuba tank mixtures to help you stay underwater deeper and longer.

Service Fees

Hydro or Tumble $48
Hydro and Tumble $96
Burst Disc & Plug Repair $35
Valve Overhaul $45
Annual VIP w/fill $28
Annual VIP (Nitrox) w/fill $35
Equipment Cleaning and Inspection $75
Regulator Service Labor 1st/2nd/Spg $135 (plus parts)
Octopus or Safe 2nd $60 (plus parts)
1st or 2nd Stage Only $60 (plus parts)
BCD Service $45