Rent Scuba Gear From Seas The Day

Whether you’re an out-of-town guest who didn’t bring their entire scuba gear collection or a local resident wanting to rent a piece of equipment for a one-day dive, Seas the Day can take care of your scuba needs. At Seas The Day, you’ll have access to the same top-of-the-line gear that we have on-hand in our store. With flat daily rates and a dedicated staff, you’ll soon see why so many choose to rent with us.

Scuba Gear Rental Rates

BCD $20/day
Regulator w/Oct & Computer SPG $25/day
Wet Suit $18/day
Hood $8/day
Weights $10/day
Tank (Air) $16/day
Tank (Nitrox 32) $22/day
Tank (Nitrox 36) $24/day


A few extra minutes talking to our professionals can save you a lot of time on the water! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have about a piece of equipment or how it functions. We want you to be safe and have fun when you’re in the water with rental scuba gear from Seas The Day.

Note: We do not rent masks, fins, boots, gloves, or snorkels. These are available to purchase in our retail store in pre-packed bundles to help you get started faster.