Learn To Scuba Dive With Seas The Day

Your diving journey begins with our Open Water PADI scuba courses. This is aimed at teens and adults who are just now discovering the sport and want to learn how to scuba dive.

Discover Scuba

With this introduction to scuba course, you’ll learn the very basics of scuba diving and get an overview of the gear you’ll use. Once you feel comfortable with the equipment and have a grasp on the basics, your instructor will take you into a pool dive environment. There, you’ll learn the proper way to breathe underwater and learn how to move once you’re submerged. Any skills you learn during the Discover Scuba Diving course may be credited towards your full PADI Open Water Diver certification.

PADI Open Water Diving Course

This is the most popular beginner scuba course in the world and covers the same material as the Discover Scuba course while giving you the opportunity to actually dive in the open water. There are three main phases of the PADI open water diver course: knowledge development, confined water dives and finally open water dives. You start with learning the basics either online or with a combined hybrid approach of studying at home and visiting our classroom.

After that, you’ll spend 6-8 hours in a swimming pool over a two-day period learning and practicing your new scuba skills. It’s here that you’ll learn to breath underwater and how to swim properly. After that, you’ll enjoy your first open water dive, where we’ll take you out on the water and let you experience the freedom — and fun — of scuba diving. After you will be eligible to receive your certification and be qualified to dive around the world.