Scuba Training & Certification In Orange County & Los Angeles

Learning to scuba dive can seem intimidating, but with the help of the instructors at Seas The Day, you can earn your scuba certification quicker than you think! Through diving classes taught by our instructors, hundreds of people have learned to enjoy what’s just below the surface of the ocean. When you take diving lessons from Seas The Day, our team will make sure your scuba training is as thorough as it is fun.

Orange County PADI Scuba Diving Certification

PADI is the leading and most-recognized scuba diving training organization in the world and you’ll need your PADI certification to dive in the vast majority of vacation destinations around the globe. There are three components involved in getting your PADI certification and thus qualifying you for open water diving: Knowledge Development, Confined Water, and Open Water dives.

You can complete the majority of Knowledge Development at your own pace at home by reading and studying the manual or PADI’s e-learning technology. The Confined Water training is conducted in a local pool environment and will be done in two separate sessions over a weekend. Finally, we head off to the ocean for a series of Open Water dives. These dives will be conducted over two days and can include beach diving, boat diving, or a day trip to Catalina Island.

We also offer a referral program so you can complete the Knowledge Development and Confined Water sessions and then do your Open Water dives on your vacation in another part of the world.

Advanced PADI Scuba Courses

Already qualified for open water diving and want to go further? We offer the entire PADI program. Advanced, Rescue, 1st Aid/CPR, all PADI specialties, Dive Master, through Instructor level and PADI Tec programs!


Our Training Courses Include