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Navigate Like A Pro!


compass underwater                  couple using compass

Are you one of those divers that wishes you had Siri or Google Maps to help you underwater? Do you still find yourself hopelessly lost and depending on your dive master on every single trip? Finding your way around underwater doesn’t have to be that hard. Just remember the basics you learned about your compass in your Open Water certification course.

Savvy divers know a few easy tricks to help them navigate underwater. With the right direction you can find the best dive locations and most importantly, navigate back to the dive boat so you can eliminate a long surface swim back. With a little practice you too can be navigating underwater like a pro. Check out this video for a great review on compass use. To really boost your navigation skills, come into Seas The Day Scuba and sign up for our Underwater Navigator Course. We’ll teach you some advanced techniques and with 3 easy dives you can master this specialty course in just one day!