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Light The Way and See What You’re Missing


Light your way with the powerful new Gobe Sola flashlight.

If you’re a diver, you’ve already discovered the amazing wonders that await you under the waves. As you descend through turquoise waters in shades of blue that look like a crayon box liquefied and melted into the water front of you, you enter a whole new world of light and color, shadows and darkness. If you’re lucky enough to be diving in tropical waters, you’ve experienced gliding through explosions of colorful coral reefs and the incredibly diverse marine life that swim past you. Gliding through the ghosts of history among shipwrecks, you know how the play of light and shadows add to the ominous mystery of your dive.

But that experience just isn’t enough is it? You want to capture that spectacular moment so everyone can see what an epic adventure you’ve had. The problem is, what you experience and see through your mask isn’t always what comes across in your photos and video. You go to extraordinary lengths to capture that exact moment or that elusive fish, but you just never seem to get that good shot. By the time you can focus, your subject may have left, or worse your photo ends up being blurry because you couldn’t see to focus properly.  The problem isn’t your photography skills, it’s your lighting choices.

Let there be light and never dive in the dark again…

Now more than ever, divers have more options to capture that candid moment. Lighting products like Light and Motion’s new family of powerful flashlights may be the answer to your problems. Engineered to let you focus on marine life without disturbing them and losing your shot, these products are versatile to fit any diving

sola light

Light and Motion’s Gobe Sola – compact & powerful.

need. They deliver a wavelength of light that won’t upset sea life, yet still provides enough light for you to properly focus.


The Sidekick can easily be added to your GoPro for taking spectacular video and photos.

Recreational divers equipped with their favorite GoPro as well as professional photographers will enjoy the small, compact and powerful flashlights, that deliver multi-function capabilities for a variety of skill levels. These durable lights are waterproof to 120 meters and engineered to illuminate a powerful beam of light right where and when you need it.

It’s always best to check out your options. See which product will work best to meet your diving needs. Visit the professionally trained staff at Seas The Day Scuba to see Light and Motion’s New Gobe Sola and Sidekick product families. They’ll be happy to help!