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Exploring Wrecks – Diving Among The Ghosts

Check out the beauty of the RubyE.

Check out the beauty of the RubyE.

Nothing stirs the imagination of divers more than exploring through the ghosts and shadows of a wrecked vessel deep below the blue waters of the ocean. Diving through shipwrecks is an exciting adventure that can make even the most experienced diver feel a little like a treasure hunter looking to discover a lost bounty forgotten in the wreckage.

The reality of recreational wreck diving today is much more technical and requires more planning than just swimming through an old ship or plane. In addition to shipwrecks, wrecked dive sites now include more strategically scuttled ships, planes and platforms designed to create artificial reefs for marine life.

In preparing for any dive, it’s important to foremost have a realistic knowledge of your experience and the situations you and your dive buddy can safely handle. This is especially important in diving wreck sites as these structures pose many more challenges and potential risk hazards. Those interested in penetrating into the structure of a wreck will want to look into taking advanced wreck diving classes from a local dive shop like Seas The Day to be sure you well prepared and have the right equipment before you start exploring.

Southern California divers don’t have to go far to see some incredible wrecks and man-made artificial reefs. Diving enthusiasts simply need to explore the wonders of San Diego’s Wreck Alley, a diving site located a few miles off the beach in Mission Bay. This famous string of wreckages includes eight different sunken structures including the Yukon, a 336-foot Canadian destroyer, and the Ruby E., a 165-foot Coast Guard Cutter.

yukon wreckWe invite you to join Seas The Day Scuba Diving Club on September 10th as we explore the beautiful marine life that inhabits the reefs now growing in Wreck Alley. This excursion will include 2 dives in Wreck Alley including the Yukon and Ruby E. For more details, check out Contact us today for more information. This is always an exciting and popular dive trip so remember to sign up early!