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Dive Tips From Casey: The Backroll Entry

Almost every diver that was certified in Southern California learned to enter the water with the Giant Stride Entry. While it offers divers easy water access from most dive boats, you’ll find that smaller boats and many remote locations will require the Backroll Entry. You’ve probably seen it a thousand times on TV, divers holding their mask as they complete a graceful backwards roll into the water. But how do you master the skill of this roll without looking clumsy and possibly hitting your head on the side of the boat? No one wants to start their dive with a headache or becoming comic relief for those still on the boat. It’s really quite easy! Just let gravity do most of the work for you. Watch this video to learn a few simple steps to brush up on before you leave on your next dive. For a little extra help, come into Seas The Day Scuba. Ask for Casey, he is always happy to give you a few extra pointers on his favorite entry.