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Dive Sites We Love: Veteran’s Park

VetsWe at Seas the Day love diving at Veteran’s Park.  It’s a great site for novice divers but there’s a lot for more advanced divers to love too.  Depths reach 25-30 feet until you get to the “canyon” about 100 yards from shore.  From there, the bottom drops pretty quickly and you can reach depths exceeding 100 feet (remember to always dive within the scope of your training.  There’s a lot to see even in the shallows.) Visibility is good, ranging 15-25 feet and there’s usually no more than a light surge.  There’s also some great night diving here.  In fact, it’s a particularly popular spot for local divers on Wednesday nights.

What to look for: Shrimp, lobsters, bat rays, urchins, sarcastic fringeheads, horn sharks, crabs, octopuses, and more.

Safety considerations: Entries and exits are usually pretty easy even in moderate surf but the sand here is very soft and it can make your trek more difficult if you’re not used to it. There’s also a sharp drop close to shore that is not always visible and can trip you up if you’re not looking for it.  Lastly, there’s a stairway with 68 steps from the parking lot to the beach.

Facilities: Veteran’s Park offers some great facilities including two restrooms, a changing room, and outdoor showers. There are picnic tables near the parking lot and it’s within walking distance from the Redondo Beach Pier.

Know before you go: There’s ample parking at Veteran’s Park but the lot usually fills up by 8am on the weekends so get there early. Make sure you bring lots of change because the spots are metered at $1.50/hour.

Protip: Don’t forget to check the surf report before you go diving.  With apps like GoFlow, you can see what the conditions will be like days before your dive so there are no surprises when you get there.