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diver hydrocoral

Dive through hydrocoral covered pinnacles teaming with life!

Purple, purple everywhere!

Purple, Purple Everywhere!

There’s nothing more exciting than a day below the waves. Unless you’re diving below the waves surrounded by the beauty that California’s unique coast has to offer. Join Seas The Day Scuba and our Dive Club members as we board the Cee Ray and explore the beauty of the Farnsworth Banks on Saturday, June 11th.

This dive is truly one of the most spectacular dives in Southern California! Experience for yourself the beauty of the incredible purple hydrocoral (Stylaster Californicus), a federally-protected species found off the coast of California. Swim among the amazing multitude of sea life that abounds in the Farnsworth Ecological Reserve, found five miles off the back side of Catalina Island. The clear waters of Farnsworth holds many surprises for divers as barracudas, yellowtail, white sea bass, sheephead, blacksmiths, calico bass, electric rays and blue sharks swim throughout the large seamount and numerous pinnacles.

This trip is Open to everyone but because it’s one of the most popular dives of the season, we only have 10 spots left. Don’t be left out. Contact us today to reserve your spot! The trip is only $170 ($160 for Seas The Day dive club members) and includes Food and Air fills. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dive buddy, this is a great trip to meet new friends in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment.

We’ll be leaving out of Long Beach aboard the Cee Ray, captained by Mike and Kim Lancaster. A family-run business with decades of diving experience, these US Coast Guard Licensed captains and their knowledgeable crew will make this diving experience in the Farnsworth Banks a day you’ll always remember.

Please Remember: Farnsworth Banks is considered a more advanced dive site due to its bottom depths and the potential for a strong current. We ask that you know your own dive capabilities and personal comfort zone before you sign up. If you have any concerns or questions, please Contact Seas The Day today and we’d be happy to help you.  


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